Tire Kingdom Credit Card

The price of tires has been really getting out of hand these days, hasn't it? If you have had to replace any number of tires on any kind of vehicle in the last few months you really know what we mean. It just seems that there needs to be a break or a deal to at least give a little help with tire prices. The Tire Kingdom Credit Card is actually one of those options that have seemed to offer a way to help its customers get the great quality tires that they need at a very affordable price.

Having the Tire Kingdom Credit Card can really be a lifesaver in many ways. Any little that you save when purchasing some expensive tires will seem like help from a good friend every single time that you need it. Speaking of that help, we will give a breakdown of the different things that are offered with the Tire Kingdom Credit Card. Check out the benefit details listed here:


There isn't any annual fee for the Tire Kingdom Credit Card.

We always love a card that doesn't have an annual fee, right?

They have 0% interest options for your purchases.

If your purchase happens to be $750 or greater, you will be allowed the option of paying it all off within a year if you use the Tire Kingdom Credit Card. If your purchase is less than that but at least $250, you will have the option of financing for six months with zero interest. Just be very careful to pay it all off in the time specified or else there will be proactive interest and fees that will really be a pain to deal with.

You can't use the Tire Kingdom Credit Card at ATM's for cash advances.

What you can do though, is ask for a check from their main bank which is Citi Bank. Beware though, the cost for that is at a high APR of 29.99.

You can get mail-in rebates.

If you make a purchase using your card that is at least $499 or greater, you will receive the opportunity to claim your $50 mail-in rebate. If your purchase was less than that but at least $199, you are able to avail a $25 rebate. Just know though that you are going to e the one who has to gather all the necessary paperwork and actually mail it in for the rebate. The store clerks will not be mailing in the rebates for you.

Everything about your account is available online.

It seems like this should be a standard feature not needing a mention, right? Well, when it comes to tire companies they tend to only focus on the customers who are in the physical location. Once you leave most tire companies you are really on your own. At least with the Tire Kingdom Credit Card you are able to check your account information online.


That seems to be all the information right there. They actually have a lot that needed to be said when it comes to the Tire Kingdom Credit Card in comparison to other card for tires. We have been glad to share this information with you. Make sure to check out the apply links and login links if you need them. Hopefully, this article will help you to make a better informed decision as it relates to the Tire Kingdom Credit Card.